Copywriting: A freelance word fluffer for hire, I write engaging blog posts, marketing material, website and SEO copywriting and original articles for an array of websites. From the evils of coffee and gluten on the human body, to which RV you should take on the road for your next family vacation, to tips on how to hire the right DJ for your wedding, to, well… shedding light on products of an “adult” nature, I’ve covered a cornucopia of cool subjects. I’ve learned that comprehensive research, a unique voice and meticulous editing are the most valuable tools I can employ when writing any type of copy.

Word Press Consultant and Manager: Using WordPress, I take your vision, goals, and existing brand and turn it into an easy-to-mange website that brings customers right to your door (the door being your url). Using a premium WordPress theme, I can improve the design and function of your existing website or start one from scratch. My WordPress services involves SEO consulting, installing plugins, hosting service set-up, trouble shooting, maintenance, management and training.

Social Media Consultant and Manager: I work with small businesses in the GTA to start up and maintain their social media campaigns. As a Social Media Consultant, my role is to educate businesses on how they can manage their own social media accounts, or as a Social Media Manager, use these venues to promote their product or service.


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Custom Copywriting

Do you need fresh content for your website? Or maybe it’s a compelling press release you’re after. Perhaps an informative article is what you’ve been pining for. Whatever your content needs are, I can help. In my 10 years as a copywriter, I have produced unique website content, dynamic press releases, compelling articles, cool blog posts and eye-opening product reviews in a number of diverse markets including automotive, music and film, real estate, camping equipment, health and nutrition and eco-friendly innovations. Whether you’re in need of marketing copy, web content, or quality copy for print, my comprehensive range of services is perfect for small businesses, individuals and more.

In the web world, it’s all about reaching the people looking for you. My SEO copywriting services bring these customers right to your door – pretty cool, eh? With a deadly combination of relevant keywords and entertaining copy, search engines will shoot your page to the top of its search rankings and get your message out to consumers.

Silly spelling mistakes, misplaced punctuation and grammatical errors can take away from your message. My geek-like obsession with the written word will ensure all your website’s content is clean, clear and professional.

As a content specialist, I’ve learned that key to effective copy is its voice. No matter what your content needs are, I’m ready to help your business find its unique voice and give your brand a swift kick in the butt.

Custom Copywriting Services include:

  •         Website Content
  •         Unique Articles
  •         Brochures
  •         Email Newsletters
  •         Press Releases
  •         Blog Posts
  •         Catalog Writing
  •         Radio Spots
  •         Product Reviews
  •         Print Ads

WordPress Consultant/Manager

Are you ready to make your web presence more engaging, more popular and more memorable? You’ve come to the right place!

An amazing website is successful and it’s simple to maintain. My expertise lies in building websites using the WordPress platform, which is an open-source Content Management System (CMS). Whether you’re looking for a WordPress expert or just some WordPress help, I’m here to get you up and running on the Internet.

Once you get started with WordPress, it’s not unusual to feel like you’re in over your head. All that code, all those design options – what do I do? Take a deep breath and then let me help make your website fun, functional and easy for you to maintain. Or if you’re just too busy to keep up with your site, don’t worry – I can take care of it for you.

WordPress Consulting Services include:

  •         WordPress Installation
  •         Theme Research and Recommendations
  •         Theme Installation
  •         Domain Name and Hosting Service Set Up
  •         Sidebar Widget Set Up
  •         Plugin Pack Installation
  •         Social Media Plugin Pack (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  •         Settings Optimized
  •         Change site colours, layout, column widths, font, etc. of chosen theme
  •         Database Backup Configured
  •         Ping List Configured
  •         Email Address Configured
  •         Email and Phone Consultation
  •         Google Account Created
  •         Feedburner Account Created
  •         Google Analytics Configured
  •         Blog/Website Maintenance
  •         Website Content Services

Social Media Consultant/Manager

You want people to be talking about your business and you want to be where people are talking. Someone needs to talk to them, tell them what’s going on, inform them or lend a helping hand. And if it’s not you, it’s going to be your competitors – you can bet on it. So how do you get in on the conversation?  Let me put you right in the middle of it.

Your customers are talking on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, just to name a few social media venues. These online communities help you rise to new levels or shoot you down before you even know what hit you.  Your company or service may be getting hundreds or thousands of good or bad reviews on social media sites. They could be raving about you or bad mouthing you. They may be asking questions about your products or services that you know the answer to. So what are you going to do about it?

You need social media management. With the popularity of Social Networking sites, an effective social media management strategy will help build a positive brand experience and increase your customer base.

This isn’t traditional marketing and you’re not trying to sell your business. Think of social media as building relationships through communities. Become a trusted member of a community and people will be singing your praises, telling others about your product or service… without you ever having to ask them to do it. Let me get your Social Media Management strategy in place and show you how to use word-of-mouth marketing to promote your business.

Social Media Consultant/Management Services include:

  •         Social Media Account set up on relevant sites
  •         Social Media Management status updates
  •         Deleting unwanted spam
  •         Accepting Friend Requests/Following Back
  •         Basic profile management
  •         Protect your online image by managing Twitter and Google alerts relevant to you and your business
  •         Marketing your business services online using Social Media sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  •         Setting up tools to manage sites in an efficient manner
  •         Reputation management, content creation and distribution